Ossola is a truly beautiful and special part of Italy. From 196 meters above sea level of Lake Mergozzo up to 4637 meters of Dufur Punta del Monte Rosa.In the middle of the river Toce and next seven valleys, which views the other hand resemble the shape of a maple leaf.

Ossola is a land of lakes, glacial and artificial, and the land of parks, which have arisen in the past decades with the aim to protect nature and to respect the rules.The Val Grande National Park, for example, encompasses an area between the largest and most pristine in Europe, with nature trails and visitor centers to get close to the park.

Ossola is also known for its painters and ancient traditions.Vigezzo, with its seven municipalities and strong identity and a tourist destination, a land of artists who also painted the beautiful houses and whose works are collected in the Pinacoteca-Rossetti Valentini di Santa Maria Maggiore, you can walk up to the Locarno Vigezzina, the mountain railway that allows you to create, with the Lago Maggiore Express, a journey by train, boat unique.

In Anzasca, there are beautiful mountains, hiking trails and lifts up to 2796 meters of Mount Moro, you can still breathe the culture and tradition, such as the Ancient Militia of seventeenth-century Bannio and Calasca.

Nature is everywhere in Ossola , with 145-meter jump the waterfall of the river Toce, in Formazza valley, and the Monte Rosa overlooking Macugnaga, cozy resort town.

Ossola can excite all year round, with corners where nature is unspoiled and offers endless walks through ancient mule tracks and paths, as in Antigorio valley, in the valley Divedro, in Formazza valley, in the valley Bognanco, with hundreds of waterfalls, and in Antrona valley, where it meets the first country in the world, Viganella, illuminated by a solar mirror.


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