Fontane to Valpiana / Alpe Giavine (Near Bannio)

Spring & Summer walk. Fatigue level: comfortable. Distance: 4.7Km (round trip). Duration: approx 1.5 hrs.

Fontane to Valpiana, Valpiana to Alpe Giavine (857m)

An easy walk along the made-up road, with only the occasional steeper gradient to negotiate. This walk takes you to the torrent below Valpiana - the large stones provide a fantastic place to sit or lie and take in the sun on a nice day, with the sound and freshness of the rushing, icy cold alpine water around you.

Fontane, Bannio/Anzino, PiemonteFirst take the path down from our apartments to the road, then follow the road down to Parcineto.

At Parcineto go right, up the incline and follow the road to Valpiana where there is a nice cappella - also look out for Snow White and the seven dwarfs - then down towards the bridge over the torrent. Valpiana, Bannio/Anzino, PiemonteCross the bridge and follow the road as it bends right and gradually climbs, with the torrent to your right, and passing Alpe Ca' d'Ruez on your left.

Walks in Valle Anzasca, PiemonteFollow the road to its very end at Alpe Giavine. Here I usually make a point of going up to the signpost, a short way up the path, and tapping it. Why? No reason other than privately acknowledging the satisfaction of reaching the end of the road. You'll notice from our photo that someone has been using it for target practice!

From here there are mountain paths towards Alpe Castelleto (included in one of our other walks) and Alpe Dorchetta, or taking you even further if you are feeling in need of more exercise! Otherwise simply turn around and follow the road back home.

You will pass a group of dwellings higher up on the right. Below them, just off the road, is a drinking trough, pictured here. The water from the pipe is fine for drinking. This is Alpe Ca' d'Ruez, which sits at an altitude of 825m. I sometimes use this as a place to aim for when I want to do a 'quick' morning or after-lunch walk. Of course, this route would be a good one for joggers too.

Alpe Ca d'Ruez, Bannio/Anzino, PiemonteA stopover at the torrent, before you cross back over the bridge, will allow you to cool your feet - rapidly cool your feet - in the icy water, with just the sound of the rushing torrent to serenade you (unless you have the kids with you, of course!). It is a wonderfully relaxing place, especially when the sun is shining in the summer and you can lie back on one of the smooth, large stones and look up at the blue sky, feeling the sun on your face and the coolness coming up from the water. Yes, it's truly as idillic as that sounds. For a short time you can lose yourself, forget about the real world and simply admire the mountains and the blue sky above (yes, ok, it's not always blue, but when it is it's beautiful).

I ought to point out that there is a damn further up and water is occasionally released down the torrent. There are warning signs about this and a warning would be given. In reality it tends to be done at time of excessive rainfall when you'd be unlikely to be walking, and certainly not sunbathing there, but all the same, forewarned is forearmed.

Enjoy your rest at the torrent and then prepare yourself for the climb back up the hair-pin bend from the torrent to Valpiana - the one that was so easy coming down but is the most demanding little part of the route on the way up!

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