Antrona Valley

Antrona is perhaps the least well-known and least tourist-trodden of the Ossola valleys, and is worth a visit almost because of that! Its villages have that characteristic alpine charm without any of the false embelishments you may see in the more popular areas. And Antrona has a beautiful surprise for those who take the time to venture to the end of the valley.

Getting to the Antrona Valley

From the main road at the foot of the valley in Villadossola, you start your climb. Like the road that winds through the better known Valle Anzasca, there is just one route along the Valle d'Antrona and it's a little narrower but still two-way and well maintained all the way to Antrona Piana at the end of the journey.

From Villadossola you pass through Montescheno, surrounded by fruit plantations, chestnut trees and green pastures, and on to Seppiana, Viganella and San Pietro. Finally you reach Antrona Piana, which is considered to be the capital of the valley. Here the valley and the road forks: to the left leads you to the wonderful surprise, Lago di Antrona.

Lago di Antrona

The road takes you right next to Lago di Antrona and you can walk almost around the entire lake. It was formed in 1642 after a rock fall caused a blocade, creating the lake within. On a nice sunny day its difficult to imagine a better place to be. The water of the lake is crystal clear and reflects the lush green of the trees and vegetation on the surrounding mountain sides. Stop off for a bite to eat or an ice cream at Albergo Lago Pineta right next to the lake.

From the lake at Antrona there are further walks to Camposecco and Cingino lakes, and the Campiccioli dam with its reservoir.


If instead you bear right, the road eventually leads you to an altitude of almost 1500m and you'll arrive at Cheggio, which is dominated by peaks of 3000-4000m. Cheggio is a small ski resort, perfect in the winter if you like to ski somewhere a little quieter and different to the larger, better known resorts. Nearby to Cheggio is the Alpe dei Cavalli basin and the Lago dei Cavalli (Lake of Horses).


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